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One of the aims of the Community Safety Team is to raise awareness to householders of what can be done to reduce their chances of being burgled. While the risk of being burgled within Wycombe district is not high, the majority of burglars are not sophisticated experts but opportunists, and often, the simplest measures can be most effective in making life difficult for potential burglars.

Home security advice:

  • Lighting is an excellent way to deter a thief. Timer switches can be used for internal lights or a radio so that it looks and sounds like someone is at home.
  • Get a good alarm. Burglars like the easy life and so an alarm will help reduce the likelihood of becoming a victim.
  • Lock all windows - thieves can wriggle through any gap larger than the size of a human head.
  • Fit secure locks to all doors and fit a door chain or bar. Fit visible window locks, including side or rear windows. Fit locks to the top and bottom of patio doors.
  • Ensure you lock your UPVC door by lifting the handle and then using the key to double lock it. These type of doors can be appealing to potential burglars as it is easy to try the handle and see if it is double locked - if it isn't, it can easily be forced open.
  • Never leave sheds or garages unlocked - remember to lock tools and ladders away so that thieves cannot use them to break in.
  • Fit a strong lockable gate across side passages.
  • Mark your valuable belongings using an ultraviolet pen or forensic property marking kit. Use these to mark your postcode or other identifiable mark. Take photos of your jewellery too.
  • You can now register your belongings online with "Immobilise", the UK National Property Register, which helps identify ownership of stolen items and lost property. Visit the website using the link below.

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