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Bogus callers

Distraction burglary by bogus callers is a cruel crime primarily targeted at elderly or vulnerable people and at those who are living on their own. Their primary aim is to enter a house to steal and they often trick people into believing they have a real purpose for being there, eg, claiming to be from a utility company but not in uniform or with any formal identification.

  • Some bogus callers will try other methods of gaining your trust by saying they have seen something dangerous in your back garden or that they have lost their pet etc.
  • Your house is secure until you allow such a person to enter it.
  • If a caller is genuine they will not mind you asking them to prove who they are and they will be happy to wait while you confirm it, perhaps by calling their place of work.
  • If you are ever in doubt, however, do not open the door. Never put yourself at risk.

To speak to a member of the Community Safety Team please use the contact details provided at the top right hand of this page.

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