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Community safety


Community safety is the process of bringing together organisations and the community to:

  • reduce crime
  • the fear of crime
  • tackle anti-social behaviour
  • improve the quality of life for the people of Wycombe district

Working for a safer Wycombe

The partnership has developed its Community Safety Partnership Plan for 2015/2016, which outlines the partnership's priorities for improving community safety in the district.

We conducted a survey in Wycombe district to gather people's views about crime and anti-social behaviour; the survey helped us decide the areas to focus on in the Partnership Plan.

Based on the crime data and analysis undertaken, the following are identified as the priorities for 2015/2016:

  • continue the work of the Nightsafe Partnership
  • tackling anti-social behaviour and gang activity
  • tackling property related crime, including shoplifting
  • protecting our communities from violence, abuse and exploitation

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