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Gambling licences

It is unlawful to provide facilities for gambling or use premises for gambling without the relevant authorisation.


The legislation covering this area is: The Gambling Act 2005. The Act regulates all forms of gambling in the UK.

Responsibilities under the Gambling Act 2005

Wycombe District Council

We are responsible for:

  • issuing gambling operators with premises licences
  • lower stake gaming machines
  • temporary use notices for premises not licensed for gambling purposes but might be used for a limited period

Our Gambling Act policy contains more information about applying for a licence.

Read about our Gambling Act 2005 policy [Word | 265KB]

Apply for a licence

Premises licence [Word | 159KB]
Apply for a premises licence under the Gambling Act 2005.

Unlicensed family entertainment centre gaming machine permit [Word | 68KB]
Apply for, change or convert an unlicensed family entertainment centre gaming machine permit.

Gaming machine permit [Word | 82KB]
Apply for, convert, vary or transfer a gaming machine permit

Prize gaming permit [Word | 81KB]
Apply for, change or convert a prize gaming permit.

See also gambling licence fees

The Gambling Commission

The Gambling Commission is responsible for granting operating and personal licences for commercial gambling operators and personnel working in the industry.

To find out more and apply for an operating or personal licence, visit their website:

Gambling Commission (external website)

Registration of lotteries and amusements

You must register as a non-commercial society in order to hold raffles, tombolas or any event that involves the sale of tickets and an element of chance.

Apply to register a non-commercial society [Word | 86KB]

All lotteries, held under this registration must have:

  • properly printed tickets
  • the name of the society
  • the promoter's name and address
  • the council who registered the charity
  • the date of the lottery
  • the price of the ticket (which must not exceed £2)

If the raffle is not the main event and the tickets are sold and the prizes are given on the same day, for example at dinner dances or garden fetes, then a certificate of registration is unlikely to be required.

Once registered, societies have to submit a statement of lottery return after each lottery showing the amounts collected, the amount spent on prizes and any expenses concerned with conducting the lottery. These returns are held for 18 months and are available for public inspection.

Statement of lottery return [Word | 39KB]
Notes for completing a statement of lottery return [Word | 32KB]

A fee is payable for registration and renewal. Initial registration costs £40 with an annual renewal fee of £20.

Where can I find out more?

For more information please contact the Gambling Commission.
Web: Gambling Commission (external website)
Phone: 0121 230 6666

Or contact our licensing team.

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